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The Park of wishes is envisioned as a sculpture park with a fairytale, fairly-like character with “gigantic endemic plants”. The idea is to accentuate the feeling of a time standing still, as if the park-goer is in a parallel universe, in a fairytale. Artificial plants with large petals have various functions depending on the number and specific arrangement, such as a wedding gazebo on a small lake, which could also be used as a stage or a space for serving food and drinks.

The ideas for the urban equipment design emerge from the same organic shapes and form a new “living” creature, while the lighting is inspired by sprouting mushrooms.The anticipated plant material has white flowers, which emphasize the idea of a fairytale and a romantic character of the park. In addition, a proportion of the plant life has been chosen because of their ability to attract butterflies. The two small ponds are enriched by water plants and fish.The tents in a shape of overlapping geodesic domes are proposed as covered spaces for festivities.

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