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The kindergarten building responds to the surrounding context of a consolidated zone of extremely tall ‘POS’ buildings to the south and the unplanned structure of the rest of the neighborhood in the immediate vicinity.

The main volume of the kindergarten firmly “holds” the southeastern boundary of the plot, creating a street frontage and corresponding in scale with the tall buildings to the south, while leaving the most space for the courtyard. The spaces within the courtyard are more freely formed, and the existing structure becomes one of the freely placed elements.

The courtyard is shared by a private user, the kindergarten, and the neighborhood. Enough space is provided for the private family house, the children have a large yard to play in, and as an extension of the public ground floor, the PVN volume extends deep into the courtyard, creating a space that can be completely separated and function as an additional amenity for the neighborhood, such as a small sports hall, performance hall, concert venue, and so on. In the future, if circumstances allow, the plot of the family house can be repurposed and become part of the neighborhood’s sports facilities.

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