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In a location with strong winds and dense surrounding structures, the articulated program of the house develops within a rectangular envelope. The introverted spaces of the ground and first floors, with their diverse relationship to the perforated envelope, create attractive external intermediate spaces of terraces, a pool, and a summer kitchen.

The house consists of a single residential unit, which extends across two above-ground and one basement level (service level). The entrance is located on the ground floor, along with a garage, wardrobe, WC, and a common living, dining, and kitchen area. Stairs within the entrance area lead to the first floor, where there are 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Stairs from the garage lead to the basement level with a technical room.

By using simple materials such as concrete, plaster, stone, gravel, glass, greenery, and large, clean surfaces, a sense of calmness and simplicity is achieved in the space.

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