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In Njivice on the island of Krk, a resort with 80 typical “bungalows” was developed in the 1970s, spread over a total of 44,000m2 in close proximity to the sea. While having a certain charm, the buildings have become substandard in the context of today’s tourist demands. The original spatial layout concept has been retained and affirmed.

Ownership, limited to the direct area beneath the buildings, resulted in an extremely low density of the settlement, contrary to the standards of post-war tourist urbanism in Croatia, but also preserved an impressive oak forest – the location’s greatest environmental value.

The urban planning of the old/new settlement is consists of two zones: ground-floor pavilions scattered in greenery with a high level of privacy and clusters of multi-story buildings whose layout forms pleasant micro-environments.

The uniqueness of the settlements design is achieved through the multiplication of 4 different types, which are variations of the basic design concept. The separation of the primary functional units (living-sleeping) is manifested through the design of two volumes of contrasting character. The ground-floor types are formed by shifting volumes horizontally, while the multi-story buildings shift vertically.

The first, monolithic, introverted volume houses the functions of passive rest, framing segments of the forest, while the second, more open volume communicates more directly with the environment, opening towards the terrace, thereby forming a space for active, extroverted living.

The interior design was done through a multidisciplinary approach, involving product designers and an illustrator to achieve a more comprehensive result. The concept of the interior design aims for an almost Spartan decor, which connects the interior and exterior through openness and spatial dynamics. As an enhancement to the elemental approach to interior design, accents are introduced in the form of illustrations by Danijel Žeželj and rugs with the colors and graphics found in Krk traditional costumes.

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